Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want a 10 gallon stetson and a horse that bears my brand

The other day Tasha asked where I would go if I could go back to any time period, any place. The answer, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me, is the southwest of the late 1800s. While the only things I have to show for my love of the southwest/cowboy/ranch ideal is a couple pairs of boots, a stetson, and some second hand cowboy shirts (which I'm too chubby to wear now, by the way), I would live that life in a heartbeat.

I wouldn't even have to go back in time. I drop everything to be a rancher/farmer (I know their is a big difference between the two) and never look back. Which is saying something because I really do love my job. I can easily see myself in just about any Marty Robbins song.

Anyway, that love was reaffirmed last week when I was scouring flickr for pictures of downtown Logan, Utah for a project a work. Amid the pictures of the Bluebird, Logan Canyon, Main Street, the tabernacle and the rest of the Logan landmarks I found this beautiful piece of cowboy poetry carved into the back of a headstone in the Logan cemetery.

I would have liked to know him in real life, I'm sure he had a wicked sense of humor.


Greg said...

This is the greatest headstone I have ever seen. I just might have to steal it.

Christopher Clifford said...

I know, right?

k8 said...

THAT is awesome.

Jayne said...

Nasty old cowboy is who wants that headstone! You, Christopher, are just the person for a cowboy poetry festival. I maintain that cowboy poetry is a great use of language and traditional poetry form. I had a really good book from the Elko gathering years ago, I'm not sure where it is. You should try to go next year - I think they're in the winter.

Christopher Clifford said...

Winter in Elko, I can't think of anything better.

The cowboy poetry does sound cool though. They used to have cowboy poetry open mic night at USU. It was really fun.