Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As anyone who knows me will verify, I have a love/hate relationship with running (I love when I'm not running, and hate when I am running). Last Wasatch Back I decided I'm past the point of being able to run it without training. If I run this year, I get an awesome 5-year medal, so I want to run.

Last night as Tash, Morgan, Katie and I were visiting some friends topic of running came up and Jared (friend) began extolling the virtues of barefoot running. I had heard mention of it before, and everyone knows about those crazy barefoot running Mexicans. So I decided I would look in to it for a couple of reasons.

a) Jared said there is less impact and you feel lighter on your feet so you can get into more of zone, which not only makes running bearable, but it makes it fun.And you don't feel so beat up afterward.

b) If it works and I can run faster and farther, then I look totally awesome with no shoes on. If it doesn't work, and I'm stay slow, I can blame my lack of shoes for my poor performance. So really, it's win-win.

Anyway, I thought I'd check it out this morning so I started googling and the auto fill feature gave me this:

Barefoot running shoes? If they are shoes, you aren't really barefoot anymore, right?